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Certification ServiceS

SIGMA International Gemology Laboratory guarantees objective and qualitative examinations and we believe that every gemstone should come with certificate of credential.

Strict anonymity ensures the objectivity of the examination results

The gemologists who examine the stone do not know to whom the stone belongs, and thereby are not biased in any way.

Experienced and capable gemologists ensure the quality of the examination.
All diamond and gem are submitted to a high-grade examination at the SIG laboratory, performed by experienced diamond graders and gemologists using specialised instruments.

The certification is made according to the highest professional standards.

SIG Mini
Diamond Certificate with Laser Inscription
(Normal & Hearts & Arrows)


Diamond full certificate with plotting and laser inscription
(Normal & Hearts & Arrows)

Note: Optional Light Perfomance Card for "Hearts & Arrows" diamond

Customise certificate can also be arrange for wholesaler and retailer.

· Diamond Certification from 0.03 to 0.18ct
· Laser Inscription from 0.12 & Above