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Client Solution

Why do you need a certificate?
Every Diamond Buyer's Need for Reassurance

You need a valid diamond certificate issued by an independent gemological laboratory, that at the time of evaluation, the diamond in question has been examined by an experienced diamond grader using various gemological instruments to validate the characteristics as stated in the certificate.

Evaluation of a diamond is important because minute, microscopic inclusions, of a Diamond can have a major influence on the price.

SIGMA believes that the acquisition of a diamond is an extraordinary expression of love and investment.

· It’s a commitment of your
  time, energy and money.

· The assurance to buy with

· The reassurance of what
  you've acquired.


1. We do not buy or sell jewellery and we operate soley as an independent labortory.

2. We provide certification at minimum cost, by not compromising on our grading standard.

3. We ensure our client's needs has been met.

4. It is our pleasure to serve our client with utmost interest that their benefits have been take care.

5. We offer total solution from loose diamond grading report to completed certification, inclusive of laser inscription from 0.12 and above for both wholesalers and retailers.

· Initial Diamond Report
· Final Diamond Report
· Certification
· Laser Inscription

6. Used by major dealers and exclusive retailers to grade their diamond for negotiation.

7. Strict anonymity ensures the objectivity of the examination results.